General Information on Care and Usage of your Shelter

It is recommended that you routinely practice a home escape and shelter entry plan, so that you and your family will be comfortable with the usage of your shelter in the event of severe weather/warnings. When necessary” you may clean the inside of your shelter with a damp cloth, always wipe surfaces completely dry with a dry cloth or towel after cleaning. Once or twice each year, you may want to spray silicone lubricant (found at any auto parts stores) on the rubber door seal to prevent dryness and cracking on the seal.


It is possible that sweating may occur when the inside temperature and ground temperature are out of balance. Conditions are favorable for sweating due to condensation in certain climates and seasons. However, the interior finish is easy to clean with a damp cloth followed by a dry towel. We know that customers who experience excessive sweating like to use venting turbines, found at local hardware stores and have also been reporting good results with a product called DAMP-RID.
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