Q. Are the REFUGE storm shelters that Middle Tennessee Storm Shelters, delivers and installs FEMA approved and are they safe against severe weather events including tornadoes rating to F5?

All of our storm shelters meet or exceed FEMA 320 Standard to withstand an F5 or greater tornado. All shelters we offer are in compliance with the applicable provisions of the ICC-500 Design Standard/NSSA criteria and have been successfully tested at Texas Tech Wind Engineering Research Center . There are increasing dangers with today’s and your family seek shelter in “THE REFUGE” storm shelter, you are giving your family the best chance for

Q. How long will it take to install our Storm Shelter?

Middle Tennessee Storm Shelters delivers and then professionally installs your “Refuge” storm shelter in 4-8 hours. Everything depends on the condition of the ground it’s going into. There may be additional cost if your area has a large amount of rock.

Q. Do you offer to finance?

We do have outside finance available. For more information please contact a representative.

Q. Do you charge delivery mileage?

Middle Tennessee Storm Shelters doesn’t charge mileage for local delivery. For long distance you may contact a representative for details on delivery charges.

Q. Will there be damage to our yard or a mess for us to clean up?

Middle Tennessee Storm Shelters will need to dig into your yard to install the storm shelter. Our professional team will do an excellent job keeping the work area secured. We will respect your property as if it is our own. There may be additional charges based on if any dirt needs to hauled off location or the area is requested to be seeded and strawed.

Q. Does FEMA offer any federal grant money for my storm shelter?

FEMA can in some areas fund up to 75 percent of the cost of the project. FEMA can be contacted to see if there is any available grant money in your area.

Q. Would I be trapped inside my shelter if a tree or other debris falls over my shelter during a severe storm or tornado?

Middle Tennessee Storm Shelters registers each and every shelter with a GPS location. We ask you to share your location with your local fire and rescue department. We also ask you to register your shelter with the county EMA Emergency Management Association. If you have cell phone service at your home, you should have it for your fiberglass storm shelter.

Q. What preparations do I need to take before the installation of an underground installation?

Provide clearance to the area where the shelter will be installed, This includes: electrical (above and below), water lines, gas lines and septic lines.

Q. How is the shelter ventilated?

All Middle Tennessee Storm Shelters units exceed ventilation requirements for FEMA. There are two (2), four (4) inch air vents in all Refuge Storm Shelters.

Q. Can your shelters be used for anything other than weather-related safety?

Yes, some use their storm shelter to store valuables or other personal items.

Q. How will I know where to put my storm shelter?

Prior to delivery, a Middle Tennessee Storm Shelters representative will contact you and go over all the details and will ask all pertinent questions and make sure that on the day of delivery and installation that all goes as planned. If a location is questionable an appointment can be made for a representative to come and meet with you at your location.

Q. What states can you deliver and install your storm shelters?

Middle Tennessee Storm Shelters will deliver and install at any location. You may contact a representative for further information.

Q. Is there room for my pets?

Yes, pets are important family members and should have the same protection from deadly weather as the rest of your family.

Q. How fast can we expect to get our shelter once we order it?

Middle Tennessee Storm Shelters always maintain a large inventory of storm shelters in stock for delivery. During peak season some shelters may be in high demand. You may contact a representative for inventory and time of delivery.

Q. Can I wire my shelter for electricity?

You can have receptacles built into your shelter for adding electricity. Most people opt out of doing this because the chances of losing your power during tornadic weather is high. Battery operated lights are the best option for your shelter.

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